SP Client Document Manager Productivity Suite

The Smarty team has released a Add-on. The Productivity Suite contains three new elements for the WordPress Smarty Project & Document Manager.

  •  File Revisions
  •  Simple user download log
  •  Advanced download log
  •  Google shortlinks
  •  File commenting system
  •  Ability to turn on and off all features

User Comments

The new Comments area allows users to leave comments on files.  This is really useful when used in combination with the Groups plugins to create a better project/file management feature.

Google Shortlinks

Generate a Google Shortlink for the full file URL. This is a great way to create a temporary file name if you need to email a link to a client or associate. Just sign up with the Google API and put your API key in the settings panel.

 Download Logging System

The Download Logging System lets you view who has downloaded your files. The system keeps track of the user and date; it also tells you how many times a user has downloaded that file. All this information is accessible in the new tab system included in the free version.  





The Productivity Suite requires the Premium version of Smarty Project & Document Manager to work.  



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Addon Information

Developer Smarty Plugins
Version: 1.2.5
Sites Using this plugin: 900+ WordPress Installs


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