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Increase maximum upload size for wordpress

Solution #1: Add this code to your functions.php

This method will set the values for your php.ini settings to whatever you set below. Remember you must change max_execution_time as well or the script will time out with big files.


Solution #2: Edit your .htaccess file

You can also edit your .htaccess file to acheive the above.


Solution #3: Create or Edit an existing PHP.INI file

Some hosts make you create a custom php.ini file like godaddy hosting, if you need to do this then create a file called php.ini and put the following in the file. Upload to the root directory of your wordpress installation. Or if you have total control of your php.ini file just change the following values.



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Update to Community Version / New Addon for Premium

A lot has been happening with Client Document Manager, we recently made an update that revamped the file info view and released a new addon package for the premium users!

The new file info view has a tabbed interface which makes it easier with the increasing amount of data involved. Check out the new tabbed interface below!

Productivity Suite

Productivity suite includes the following features

  • New commenting system allow you to comment on files as well as allow people who are involved in your group to comment on files
  • Google services short link integration allows you to take a link to a file and shorten it down to a quick link to send to a client.
  • Download logging system now lets you log who is downloading your files and how many times they downloaded the file.

Click here to find out more or to purchase the new addon!

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WordPress get user dropdown by role

We needed a function to get a user selectbox by the user role. Instead of using the native wordpress function wp_dropdown_users() to get a list of all users we decided to create our own.

This function allows you to easily create a dropdown based on the user role.

Now to use this function in your plugin do the following:

If you have any questions please ask, this also works with the role editor plugin. (great for custom roles!)

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SP Client Document Manager Now Has User Groups

SP Client Document manager for WordPress now has user groups for premium users, allow your users to collaborate on the same file space and projects. Create groups in admin and assign users to a group. All users of that group will be able to share files! Watch the video below for an example.

Click here to download for FREE or purchase the premium edition.

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Project management now included free with Client Document Manager

We are happy to announce that the manage projects section is now included with the free version, we made this decision in an effort to add more features to the premium version and beef up the free version.

To take advantage of the new projects section update the SP Client Document Manager plugin and navigate to projects to create projects for users.

There is also a new setting which gives you the ability to allow users to create their own projects!

The projects area also has the ability to download an archive of a whole project.

Click here to download:

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Client Document Manager 1.1 thumbnail view released

With the new version of client document manager you can give your upload page a more “Windows” like feel. With large thumbnails for images and icons for the office suite and adobe suite this view will give your clients an easier interface they are already use to. The new version of CDM also offers the same features as previous versions including categories, statuses, project creation and file versioning. Check out the youtube video below to see the new thumbnail feature in action.

Click here to download the plugin for free or purchase the premium version.

Click here to download the plugin for free or purchase the premium version.



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WordPress Rental & Application Manager Plugin Released

Smarty Plugins release a new plugin that allows you to manage apartment, development or house rentals.

Smarty Pants Rental Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows a rental agency to add listings to their WordPress powered website. The admin has the ability to add developments and add listings to those developments or freely add listings. Users can view listings and submit an application which is emailed to the desired email address. The admin can browse all applicants for a given property. More features coming soon stay tuned!

Click here to view the demo  | Click here to see the details or  download the plugin


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SP Mibew Admin for WordPress Released!

We released a brand new plugin  that allows you to hook into your Mibew administration directly from WordPress!

SP Mibew Admin is a direct hook into your Mibew Live help installation. This will save you from operating two different control panels and will add a Mibew Admin link into your admin control panel with an auto login feature.

Click to view screenshot


Check out the plugin here!

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How to Translate Client Document Manager or any WordPress Plugin

Smarty Client Document Manager now includes a localization system so you can translate the plugin to your own language using .po files. PO files use gettext function and it is the way that WordPress handles all localization. I will explain a little bit below on how to translate our .po files. This tutorial will also serve as a way to translate any WordPress plugin to your own language!

  1. First you want to open the smarty plugin directory and find the folder /languages/
  2. Next you want to download and install PoEdit which is a 3rd party program you will use edit the .po file. Download PoEdit by clicking here.
  3. Once PoEdit is installed double click on the default.po file and it should open up in PoEdit.
  4. Now that the po file is open you want to go to File>Save as.  The filename is very important, for this plugin you want to start the file with “sp-cdm” and end it with your locale code which can find here.  For instance if i were creating a spanish language file I would name the file “sp-cdm-es_ES.po” . Click save and PoEdit will generate two files. a “.po” which is your translation file and a “.mo” which is for WordPress. Your files should look like this:
  5. Now that you have created your file you can go through and edit your .po file and translate it! To translate a term just click on the term in top section, you will see the actual term in the middle section and you write your translated term in the  bottom section. I filled out the first one below.
  6. Go through each term and translate untill finished. Once complete go to File >Save and you are done!
  7. The rest is done straight through WordPress wp-config.php file but if your translating this plugin then you know how to do this. Those that do not, just open your wp-config.php and change the
    define(‘WPLANG’, ”);  To your locale code. For Spanish your WPLANG would look like this:

Your Done! We are also running a special, contact us and if we do not have your language we will give you the premium version FREE if you translate the plugin for us! Contact us for more information


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Smart javascript use when developing a WordPress plugin.

Recently after looking at some of the plugin’s available I noticed some people including their own version of jquery or prototype. This is not how the plugin API was intended. WordPress comes with a bunch of useful scripts you can use without having to include in your plugin directly. The function is called wp_enqueue_script(). Here is the usage.

So to include a copy of JQuery into your plugin all you have to do is add the following to your plugin.

This tells WordPress to include jquery and will only include it if it hasn’t been included already which leads to a lower code footprint and better compatibility!

Of course your going to want to include that into wp_head. Here is the full code including the wp_head hook.


Here are the javascript files that are included with WordPress by default

Scriptaculous Root scriptaculous-root
Scriptaculous Builder scriptaculous-builder
Scriptaculous Drag & Drop scriptaculous-dragdrop
Scriptaculous Effects scriptaculous-effects
Scriptaculous Slider scriptaculous-slider
Scriptaculous Sound scriptaculous-sound
Scriptaculous Controls scriptaculous-controls
Scriptaculous scriptaculous
Image Cropper Image cropper (not used in core, see jcrop)
Jcrop Image copper
SWFObject swfobject
SWFUpload swfupload
SWFUpload Degrade swfupload-degrade
SWFUpload Queue swfupload-queue
SWFUpload Handlers swfupload-handlers
jQuery jquery
jQuery Form jquery-form
jQuery Color jquery-color
jQuery UI Core jquery-ui-core (Att.: This is not the whole core incl. all core plugins. Just the base core.)
jQuery UI Widget jquery-ui-widget
jQuery UI Mouse jquery-ui-mouse
jQuery UI Accordion jquery-ui-accordion
jQuery UI Slider jquery-ui-slider
jQuery UI Tabs jquery-ui-tabs
jQuery UI Sortable jquery-ui-sortable
jQuery UI Draggable jquery-ui-draggable
jQuery UI Droppable jquery-ui-droppable
jQuery UI Selectable jquery-ui-selectable
jQuery UI Datepicker jquery-ui-datepicker
jQuery UI Resizable jquery-ui-resizable
jQuery UI Dialog jquery-ui-dialog
jQuery Schedule schedule
jQuery Suggest suggest
ThickBox thickbox
jQuery Hotkeys jquery-hotkeys
Simple AJAX Code-Kit sack
QuickTags quicktags
Farbtastic (color picker) farbtastic
ColorPicker (deprecated) colorpicker
Tiny MCE tiny_mce
Prototype Framework prototype
Autosave autosave
WordPress AJAX Response wp-ajax-response
List Manipulation wp-lists
WP Common common
WP Editor editor
WP Editor Functions editor-functions
AJAX Cat ajaxcat
Admin Categories admin-categories
Admin Tags admin-tags
Admin custom fields admin-custom-fields
Password Strength Meter password-strength-meter
Admin Comments admin-comments
Admin Users admin-users
Admin Forms admin-forms
XFN xfn
Upload upload
PostBox postbox
Slug slug
Post post
Page page
Link link
Comment comment
Threaded Comments comment-repy
Admin Gallery admin-gallery
Media Upload media-upload
Admin widgets admin-widgets
Word Count word-count
Theme Preview theme-preview
JSON for JS json2


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