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Update Now includes sub folders!

In the latest update for smarty document manager we included a premium addon in the free version. Our very popular sub projects addon allows you to add nested  folders and sub folders in a windows like folder structure, you can now enjoy this feature for free using our community version plugin. If you currently own […]

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Update to community version:

We released a security patch for the community version of the document manager. Included within this security patch we started implementing the Event Logger. Now any transaction done withing the document manager will be logged into the database. You will be able to see the user and time of the event. Sample events would be […]

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Increase maximum upload size for wordpress

Solution #1: Add this code to your functions.php This method will set the values for your php.ini settings to whatever you set below. Remember you must change max_execution_time as well or the script will time out with big files. @ini_set( ‘upload_max_size’ , ’64M’ ); @ini_set( ‘post_max_size’, ’64M’); @ini_set( ‘max_execution_time’, ‘300’ );   Solution #2: Edit […]

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Update to Community Version / New Addon for Premium

A lot has been happening with Client Document Manager, we recently made an update that revamped the file info view and released a new addon package for the premium users! The new file info view has a tabbed interface which makes it easier with the increasing amount of data involved. Check out the new tabbed […]

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WordPress get user dropdown by role

We needed a function to get a user selectbox by the user role. Instead of using the native wordpress function wp_dropdown_users() to get a list of all users we decided to create our own. This function allows you to easily create a dropdown based on the user role. function getUsersByRole($role,$name,$selected = ”,$extra = ”) { […]

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SP Client Document Manager Now Has User Groups

SP Client Document manager for WordPress now has user groups for premium users, allow your users to collaborate on the same file space and projects. Create groups in admin and assign users to a group. All users of that group will be able to share files! Watch the video below for an example. Click here […]

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Client Document Manager 1.1 thumbnail view released

With the new version of client document manager you can give your upload page a more “Windows” like feel. With large thumbnails for images and icons for the office suite and adobe suite this view will give your clients an easier interface they are already use to. The new version of CDM also offers the […]

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