SMARTY PROJECT & DOCUMENT MANAGER for WordPress: Securely Upload, Manage, Track and Share Files and Document on all electronic device, with Your Hosted Website or Intranet!

Everyhing you need to manage your secure files.

We offer many different license types from single site basic licenses to multisite license that include all our addons. Choose one of the premade packages or purchase the premium and extensions as you need them!


Organize and upload your important documents on your own terms.


Share your documents easily with outside users, or securely with group permissions.


Manage your files in an easy-to-use windows-style interface that you are already used to.


With Premium you have access to advanced logs to see where and when your files are downloaded.


Sync your files with Dropbox and, coming soon, sync with Google Drive!


Stack files in folders as deep as you like; with Sub-projects Addon you have unlimited folders.


Easy-to-use search in files and folders.  Premium users can tag files and folders.


Keeping your files in a secure environment is easier than ever.  

A Secure, Extendable Document manager for your WordPress site!

The Smarty Project & Document Manager does just that. You now have complete control over the flow of information; any document, file, or picture that you have stored in your online filing cabinet can be shared with anyone at any time with a click of a button. Small businesses, mid-sized companies and large corporations are all utilizing this filing cabinet to send, receive, and share documents on the spot.  All you need is a WiFi connection.  The Smarty Project & Document Manager plug-in demonstrates how successfully an individual, business or organization can organize, manage, distribute and share documents, files and pictures quickly and securely. Hospitals use it to share patient and physician files.  Attorneys get information quickly to their clients, and receive it back securely.  Sales Managers are able to share files with customers, and/or all team members, or just the ones who need it.  Suppliers can send documents to multiple clients.  Brokers and Real Estate professionals can share with clients and other brokers.  Any person or business needing to share and/or receive documents and files can utilize the efficiency of the Smarty Project & Document Manager.