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The Premium version of WordPress Smarty Project and Document Manager Plugin, unlocks an innovative realm of featured possibilities. Click here to see the features if you haven’t checked them out yet.

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Basic Support: Contact us for any bug-related problems or configuration help, by email only. Advanced Support offers a more personalized, hands-on plan. Support hours are Monday through Friday, 9-5 U.S. eastern time.



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SP Project & Document Manager Groups Add-on

Groups Add-on : share with integrate WordPress roles and BuddyPress groups. Users files will not be able to delete someone elses files but delete their files.

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SP Project & Document Manager Productivity Suite

File Revisions, Simple user download log, Advanced download log, Google shortlinks ,File commenting system, Ability to turn on and off all features

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SP Project & Document Manager Batch Operations

Batch operations: ability to batch delete and move files to folders. download files as a zip archive keeping directory structure.

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SP Project & Document Manager Dashboard

The document manager dashboard is a great way to give your document manager a stand alone control panel that does not use your template.

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SP Project & Document Manager Tasks Add-On

Stay on task with the new WordPress Smarty CDM Tasks Addon! Features include:Add unlimited tasks to a document.Set a reminder date for each task.  An email will be sent to…

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SP Project & Document Manager Premium – Dropbox Add-On

Ability to log into a DropBox account and upload files directly into the SP Document Manager

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Conflict Support


Sometimes your WordPress themes and plugins might conflict with Smarty Plugins. This could be due to a theme or plugin that doesn't use standard WordPress coding practices. If you find…

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All price options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Addons subject to yearly license for support and updates. There is a 40% discount on yearly renewals.

Addon Information

Developer Smarty Plugins
Version: 3.3.6
Sites Using this plugin: 4000+ WordPress Installs


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