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WordPress Google Drive

WordPress Google Drive Plugin

WordPress Google Drive Plugin integrates Google Drive into your post editor, so you can add dynamic Google Drive links directly to your post or page. One of the major benefits of linking directly to your Google Drive file is the ability to edit your documents on your computer, and not have to go back and reupload those changes to WordPress. Our WordPress Google Drive Plugin also allows you to import files to your media manager for local use.

Some of the features

  • Add links from Google directly to your post editor
  • Add thumbnails of documents and specify the size
  • Create a button from a file
  • Add the file type icon to the button
  • Seamless integration into the Google drive API
  • Upload documents directly to the editor
  • Import documents into your media manager
  • Dynamically insert file links
  • Offload your large files onto Google Drive so you are not using up your hosting bandwidth
  • Upload any file size without server limitations



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