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SP Client Document Manager Dashboard

Try out a WordPress Document Manager Demo!

Username: demo
Password: demo

The WordPress CDM Dashboard is a great way to give your Document Manager a stand-alone control panel that does not use your template.

User Registration

User registration is Ajax powered and takes place right on the Dashboard page – no more dealing with WordPress Administration.

User Login System

Log in and reset your password from the Dashboard page securely.

Use it as a theme

Use the Dashboard as a separate page or as a theme – just assign a page to your Dashboard in settings!

No Theme Conflicts

Having some theme conflicts? Put the Document Manager in the Dashboard to avoid the frustration of theme conflicts.

Bootstrap Powered

Powered by Bootstrap, a versatile CSS framework developed by Twitter.

Mobile Ready

The Dashboard is mobile ready.

Responsive Document Manager

Our new Dashboard comes fully responsive, but we are in the process so you can view your documents on any device!

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