SP Client Document Manager Text Alerts

Text Alerts give you an extra method of communication between the SP Project & Document Manager and your clients, with this plugin you can enter your cell phone number in the profile section of your WordPress installation and every-time an email is sent off there is an alternate text that gets sent as a text message to anyone who has one enabled.

Text 3 different ways

Native: Native mode used email to text is not always 100% accurate due to some providers turning this feature off or not being a feature of the persons current plan. This should only be used as a free alternative. We do not guarantee all text messages will be sent to each person but it does work in most cases. Twilio: Probably the most popular text messaging API out there Twilio makes it easy and cost effective to send text messages with our plugin, just sign up for an account and enter your API information in the settings section. Plivo: Another great text messaging API Plivo is just as relibable as Twilio and is another great option, just sign up for an account and enter your API information in the settings section.



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Developer Smarty Plugins
Version: 1.0.2
Sites Using this plugin: 100+ WordPress Installs


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