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SP Client Document Manager Groups Addon

  •  BuddyPress Integration
  •  Integrate with WordPress Roles
  •  Assign users to a specified group
  •  Share files with specified users
  •   Keep files up to date

The Smarty CDM Groups Addon lets you share with integrated WordPress roles and BuddyPress groups. When you share a project with a group, everyone in that group has access to those files. This Addon also gives you a new tab on the Groups page that gives you direct access to the file uploader. User files are always their files, so unless you are an Administrator, other group members can delete only their own files.

BuddyPress Groups

When BuddyPress is enabled, users can create groups.  When activated, this plugin will detect all groups available, and will let the Admin decide whether or not they want to share a project with a group.

WordPress Roles

WordPress has five roles by default.  This plugin allows the Administrator to assign a project to a role. For instance, you can share a project with all subscribers.  With the help of other plugins like “User Role Editor” you can create new roles that are automatically detected through this Addon.  

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